Evohome has been developed by Honeywell to provide a sophisticated heating system that allows you to create and individually control up to 12 heating zones in a domestic property. It will also control the hot water.


  • Allows the installation of multiple temperature sensing devices around the property without altering pipework and damaging fixtures and fittings.
  • User friendly touch screen control.
  • Remote access provided via tablet or smart phone.
  • Wireless radiator controls.

Evohome is suitable for any home with a wet central heating system. It is ideal when looking to control temperatures in larger properties.

Main Components:

Central controller

The multi-zone controller controls the time and temperature of up to 12 heating zones plus a domestic hot water supply if required. Each zone has independent time and temperature control.

Radiator controllers

Slim, ergonomically-designed radiator controllers will fit most standard TRV bodies. Battery powered with a two year battery life and battery low reminder. Uses two way communication with the Evohome controller.

Remote access gateway

Enables the Evohome system to be controlled remotely by either wifi-enabled tablet or smartphone. Needs to be conntected to the internet network within the property.

Wireless relay box

Wire into either a motorised zone valve or the boiler and provides wireless interface between these devices and Evohome system. Requires a permanent 230V supply.

Evohome installation by RJ Mitchell of Bath